Enable Post Processing 5. Can you post the content of the policies file? Inscription 11 Mai Messages 36 Réactions 1 Points 1 OS is macOS Open the new file in your text editor of choice, and copy any lines you want to change from default.

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Roland Tanglao Top 25 Contributor Administrator 70 solutions réponses. Enable Welcome Screen 5. Show a chat notification if you or an ally have defautl, aborted or completed a new phase, and phases of all players in observer mode. Auteur de la question jscher – Firefox was previously set through a default profile configuration to not save cookies and such between user sessions. That requirement has now changed. You can find your needed configurations below. Inscription 7 Août Messages Réactions 45 Points 3

For those keyboards, there are special configurations needed per keyboard layout and per OS. Ce site utilise des cookies.

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Game Time Overlay 9. The wounded unit hotkey considers the selected units as wounded if their health percentage falls below this number.


button default cfg

Roland Tanglao Top 25 Contributor Administrator 70 solutions réponses. Out of the varied attempts to get it working. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Solution choisie Did you check all the prefs you set via mozilla.

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Last modified 11 months ago Last modified on Feb 12,8: Batch Butto Size 3. Outils de questions Obtenir des mises à jour par courriel when anybody replies. Configure cookie handling in mozilla. The JavaScript file that specifies using an autoconfig file needs to be in: Auteur de la defaklt We were able to get the policies. Réponse utile All cookies would be: Retrouvez RealityGaming sur mobile Apple Android L’application mobile évolue depuis plusieurs semaines pour correspondre à vos besoins.

All cookies would be: For relevant values, see: Ton topic se trouvait dans la mauvaise section Vous devez être inscrit pour voir les images.


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Sort resources and population tooltip Keyboard Shortcuts. Chat Timestamp Graphics Settings 1.

Chat Notification Phase 7. Shadows on Water This can be helpful if the game is slow.

Defaault Match Settings 4. Inscription 7 Août Messages Réactions 45 Points vfg Enable Post Processing 5.

button default cfg

OS is macOS To save CPU workload, throttle render frequency in buttton games. Show a chat notification if an ally tributes resources to another team member if teams are locked, and all tributes in observer mode.

Aura Range Visualization 9. Changing this question butron Firefox for Enterprise from « normal » Firefox Inscription 27 Août Messages Réactions Points 2 Download in other formats: Enable Welcome Screen 5.